What We Offer


Our goal in creating Rogue Runner Video was to design packages that could be deployed anywhere around the world in a matter of minutes, yet be capable of fulfilling the most demanding shooting conditions.
As such everything we design is both modular and repeatable so that our our operators are given the equipment they need and can rely on and also packages that can be assembled in hours, not days.


Qtake is the world's most advanced video assist software available in the world today. Not only does it log, capture, playback, edit and process video output of any camera, its increasingly used as a key workflow platform allowing interconnectivity between units and providing wireless streaming of video footage both on set and across the globe.

We supply our Qtake packages in the SmartAssist - a standalone portable, battery powered unit utilising the most cutting edge technology available.


Unlike the majority of video assist suppliers in the UK, all of our equipment is supplied in custom flightcases with upto date calibration, PAT testing and carnet-ready shipping lists.

As such we can fulfil orders to supply any part of the globe within hours whilst also providing in-depth back of house support.


As one of the pioneers of set editing in the UK, we compliment video assist with a range of other skills and equipment, from providing on set editing to inter-linking remote units and designing and implementing workflow solutions. Whatever your video needs are, with our huge range of experience and equipment we're sure to have a solution.


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