Our operators have been instrumental in the development of video assist from the days of analogue tape through to the present day rigours of set-editing, complex mix and overlay, video streaming and workflow supervision.

If you want experience, look no further.

Dan cut his teeth as a Video Assist Operator on all eight Harry Potter films with a particular emphasis with on set-editing in conjunction with Video Assist. More recently his credits include Spider-Man Homecoming 2, Star Wars Episode 8 and Fantastic Beasts.

Dan Hartley

Mandy joined Rogue Runner as a video assist trainee and has rapidly climbed the ranks gaining experience on Downton Abbey, The Old Guard and Black Widow to name a few... She is now working full time as a development executive at Rogue Runner HQ.

Mandy Holland

Adam is a rising star in the Video Assist world having worked his way up through the ranks as an assistant before establishing a career as an operator in his own right with credits including: The Great (Pilot), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2nd Unit), The Good Liar, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Black Widow.

Adam McGrady


Jarvis is an established Video Assistant  with a reputation for keeping a cool head under extremely challenging circumstances and with a far-reaching knowledge of video transmission and video streaming. His credits include, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Pokemon to name a few.

Jarvis Coxwell

With 20 years experience as a video operator, and the last 10 years working on one of the biggest TV shows ever Game of Thrones. Rob is a very well respected Video Operator with credits in TV and Films such as the Nevers, The Edge of Tomorrow and Overlord.

Rob Hamilton

Leigh began his career as a video assistant working alongside Dan on a number of studio films including Star Wars, Tarzan, Now You See Me 2 and Fantastic Beasts. Since becoming an operator in his own right he has amassed dozens of credits and a wide range of experience making him one of our most experienced operators.

Leigh Gardner


Josh is a stalwart of the Video Assist world having been one of the most sought after assistants in the business with credits including: Wonder Woman, Mission Impossible, Solo, Pokemon, Kingsman, Dr. Dolittle and many more.

Josh Andrews

After making the leap into the industry in January this year he has already found his feet assisting on The Last Duel in France. After proving himself so early on in his video career, this year is set to be a big one for Alex.

Alex Sims

Mischa has spent most of his video career in New Zealand but after many years operating in New Zealand, last year he took a big leap and moved across the world to the UK and has since worked as an on set Editor/ Operator on Infinite, the Kings Man and Batman.

Mischa Chaleyer-Kynaston

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